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…And the ETF Flow Winner is

It's been a choppy year for stocks to say the least. Global macro factors have shown their hand this year, causing major "Risk On" asset classes - and their subsets - to put in an intermediate top. While it's yet to be seen if said intermediate top turns into a longer...

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A look at Credit Spreads – November 2018

2018 has not been kind to risk assets - that is common knowledge. Major equity Indices ranging from Japan, EU zone and now even US technology stalwarts like the FANG index, are exploring the red side of the chess board. These indices flashed red about 6 months back in...

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ETF Flow Analysis After The Recent Correction

Greetings readers, I hope we are surviving and even enjoying the returning volatility! For today's post we just want to show a quick ETF flows summary; given the joyous correction we have had this week. Trading volumes have understandably been elevated, so we want to...

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2017 ETF Fund Flow Data

In this text light , data heavy blog post we look at snapshot fund flow data for ETFs in 2017. Not sure if this has an informational edge for tactical asset allocation, however we can surely see which asset classes, sectors and fund houses raked it in! All Data...

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Do any form of Long VIX Strategies work?

As passive investing thinkers, we are always devising mechanical rules that can be either made into a quasi-index or at least a service that can be automated. Recently the team was researching different forms of downside protection on long only, buy and hold...

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